About Us

Our Mission

World hunger has increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic after years of steady decline. Action Against Hunger estimates that 811 million people worldwide currently suffer from hunger and severe malnutrition, 14 million of those people being children under the age of five. Our mission is to help alleviate food insecurity and assist those struggling with hunger during the pandemic. YOU can be a part of the change.

Our History

Our leaders, Dr. Angela Weyand and Dr. Tatiana Prowell, began this annual social media-based competition in 2020 to address food insecurity and help those impacted by world hunger. Our team grew in 2021, introducing four teenage volunteers to the organization. The 2022 season will be our third year running a competition.

In 2020, the winner of the competition was #BladesAndBougies, who collectively donated $90,338. In total, the 2020 competition raised over $360,000 for food banks! In 2021, the winner was #KidVengers, who raised $120,358. In total, the 2021 competition raised $427,000. The combined total raised from our current two week-long competitions is over $787,000. This year, we plan to cross $1,000,000 total raised during the pandemic. Let’s do it together!

Our Team

Dr. Angela Weyand, MD

Dr. Weyand is a pediatric hematologist oncologist at the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital. Clinically, she is particularly interested in young women and girls with bleeding or clotting disorders and is the co-director of a combined hematology/gynecology program serving this population. She started the HCWvsHunger friendly competition in 2020, and continues to work with Dr. Prowell and others to make it an annual success. She tweets as @acweyand

Dr. Tatiana Prowell, MD

Dr. Prowell is Associate Professor of Oncology in the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Program. Her areas of clinical and research interest include: development of novel agents for breast cancer, neoadjuvant therapy, and the unique challenges of breast cancer in younger women. She partnered with Dr. Weyand early in our inaugural campaign and quickly elevated the competition via creation of our namesake hashtag, effective social media strategy, and her infectious enthusiasm. She is excited once again to help combat hunger and bring joy and meaning to other health care workers via shared purpose during the pandemic. She tweets as @tmprowell. 

Isla Gleeson

Isla is our Chief Marketing Officer. During the 2021 competition, she managed our Twitter and TikTok accounts (both @hcwvshunger), manually verified thousands of donations, promoted the competition through her personal social media accounts, and updated our website’s content. Isla is a senior in high school.

Gavin Gleeson

Gavin is our Chief Integration Officer. During the 2021 competition, he wrote code for the website and the automatic updating system for our donation Google Form. Gavin is a freshman at the University of Maryland Honors College, majoring in Computer Science.

Simran Kheterpal

Simran is our Chief Technology Officer. During the 2021 competition, she designed our website, helped create code to translate donation data to our leaderboard, and manually verified thousands of donations. Simran is a junior in high school.

Sameer Kheterpal

Sameer is our Chief Data Officer. During the 2021 competition, he designed our spreadsheet for data organization and automatic recording of donations, and created code to translate data to our leaderboard. Sameer is a freshman in high school.