Our History

Dr. Angela Weyand and Dr. Tatiana Prowell began this annual social media-based competition in 2020 to address food insecurity and help those impacted by world hunger. Our team grew in 2021, introducing teenage volunteers to the organization. In 2022, our third year running a competition, we raised more than in 2020 and 2021 combined!

To date, #HCWvsHunger has raised more than $1,600,000 for food banks and hunger organizations! We’ll be back in 2023 starting November 27 to do even better!

2022 Results

In 2022, generous donors contributed over $810,000

RankTeam NameTotal
1st#Kidvengers (Pediatricians and anyone who cares for kids!)$210,942
2nd#DiagnosticNation (formerly #RadsforFood and #HopeAtTheScope)$175,630
3rd#BladesForcepsNBougies (Surgery/Anesthesia/Ob-Gyn (formerly #BladesNBougies & #Charcuterus))$123,447
4th#HemOnculus (formerly #BadBlood, #Feedalizumab, and #RadiatePositivity)$117,837
5th#TheWholeEnchilada (Interprofessional superteam for whole person care)
6th#ResusciTaters (formerly #TeamKetameals and #PeepsAgainstHunger)$34,713
7thIsla of Misfit Toys (Anyone and everyone who doesn't fit elsewhere)$15,353
8th#PhysicianAdvisorAvengers (Physicians who work in Utilization Management and Clinical Documentation Integrity)$13,352
9th#UrineItToWinIt (NephTwitter, Nephrology HCWs)$11,204
10th#GeeksForGroceries (Healthcare Data Specialists)$5,482
11th#EatOurWords (People who communicate about science & medicine - whether from within an institution or as journalists)$5,361
12th#NoRheumForHunger (Rheumatology)$3,655
13th#BrainDocsUnite (formerly #NeuronsFeedingNeurons and #FoodForThought)$3,414
14th#TheGoodFoodFight (Social Work)$2,991
15th#Derminators (Dermatology)$2,660
16th#ROSCBox (Honoring docs & nurses we've lost to suicide)$2,150
17th#Nourish2Flourish (Spiritual Care/Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy)$2,001
18th#MeowMeals (Veterinary Medicine Folks!)$1,936
19th#PooMoGI (Anyone working or researching in adult or pediatric GI)$1,852
20th#Foodaxomicin (Infectious Diseases)$1,840
21st#PeloFondue (Med Peloton!)$0

2021 Results

In 2021, generous donors contributed over $425,000!

RankTeam NameTotal
1stKidVengers (Pediatrics and Pediatric subspecialties)$120,358
2ndMultiDFoodBoard (Heme, Onc, Path, Rads, Cards, ID, APP)$112,534
3rdBladesNBougies (Surgery, Anesthesia, ENT, Toxicology & ER)$93,323
4thIMGenerous (Primary Care & Internal Medicine)$32,096
5thUrineItToWinIt (Nephrology)$17,322
6thPEEPsAgainstHunger (Pulmonary critical care)$15,295
7thEatOurWords (Health & Science Communication)$8,940
8thAdministratorDocs (Administration)$5,626
9thPlentyOfMeatballsAndRigatoni (PMR)$3,455
10thGeriPalGives (Geriatrics and Palliative care)$3,080
11thPooMoGI (Gastroenterology)$2,901
12thCharcuterus (Ob/Gyn)$2,445
13th340Brie (Pharmacology)$2,193
14thHungerSKINtervention (Dermatology)$1,956
15thBrains4Bellies (Neurology)$1,411
16thNotThatKindofDoctor (Individuals with PhDs)$1,256
17thIsla of Misfit Toys$1,205
18thSnacksInTheBreakroom (Nursing)$1,179
19thGeneTeam (Genetics)$1,000

2020 Results

In 2020, generous donors contributed over $360,000!

RankTeam NameTotal
3rd Kidvengers$50,716