Healthcare Workers vs Hunger

How to Contribute

  • Donate to a food bank or hunger organization of your choice between November 28 and December 4, 2022 – any amount helps! Feeding America can help you choose local ones.

  • Decide what team you’d like your donation to contribute to, or create a new team

  • Screenshot your receipt, and fill out the form that will be opening soon to record your donation to your team.

Current list of teams

#HopeAtTheScope (Pathology) - @rovingatuscap
#letstacoboutit (Rehab/Allied Health) - @sarah_cruser
#Kidvengers (Pediatricians and anyone who cares for kids!) - @DrJenChen4kids
#UrineItToWinIt (NephTwitter, Nephrology HCWs) - @jmteakell
#RadsforFood (Radiology) - @KemiMDRad
#PeloFondue (Med Peloton!) - @mount_md
#PooMoGI (GITwitter peeps) - @DrJSilverman
#charcuterus (OBGYN and reproductive health) - @yffei
#NotThatKindOfDoc (PhDs in support of HCWs!) - @HealthyWV
#Feedalizumab (Oncology and anyone touched by cancer) - @tmprowell
#CheckTheFridge (Pharmacy) - @AshleyOvery
#FoodForThought (Child Psychx2) - @DrKelliD
#IMGenerous (Internal medicine and all subspecialties therein) - @gretchendiemer
#EatOurWords (People who communicate about science & medicine - whether from within an institution or as journalists) - @EROHealthComms
#PeepsAgainstHunger (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) - @gbosslet,
#RadiatePositivity (Radiation Oncology) - @fumikochino
#BladesNBougies (OR Team - Surgeons, Anesthesia team, First Assist, Techs) - @kari_jerge
#TeamKetameals (Emergency) - @kevin_ro
#Derminators (Dermatology) - @roxanaDaneshjou
#YouPickTwo (Med-Peds + any other multiboarded folks) - @aem204
#BadBlood (Hematology) - @MaryCushmanMD
#TeamComfortFood (Hospice and Palliative Care HCWs and folks who care for people with serious illness) - @hollyby
#FeedingRDs (Dietitians against hunger) - @cherylharrisRD
#FMvsFamine (Family Med and primary care people: Big tent, come on in) - @TimRobe51935098
#PhysicianAdvisorAvengers (Physicians who work in Utilization Management and Clinical Documentation Integrity) - @signaturedoc

Create a new team!