How to contribute

Use this Google Form to record donations

  • Donate to a food bank or hunger organization of your choice between December 13 and 19, 2021 – any amount helps! Feeding America can help you choose local ones.
  • Decide what team you’d like your donation to contribute to, or create a new team
  • Screenshot your receipt, and use one of the two options below to record your donation

Google Form

Automatically added to the leaderboard. Requires a Google Account.


Manually added to leaderboard, takes longer to update

  • Tweet your donation with the hashtag #HCWvsHunger, and include your team’s hashtag, the amount donated, and your receipt.
  • Or, DM to @HCWvsHunger, including the same information as above

Current List of Teams

340Brie (Pharmacology) – @sweetchinchilla
AdministratorDocs (Administration) – @signaturedoc
BladesNBougies (Surgery, Anesthesia, ENT, Toxicology & ER) – @MSharifpourMD
Formerly BladesNBougies, ShENT, TeamHemlock, Ketameals
Brains4Bellies (Neurology) – @super_brains
Charcuterus (Ob/Gyn) – @yffei
EatOurWords (Health & Science Communication) – @karag
MultiDFoodBoard (Heme, Onc, Path, Radiology, Cards, ID, APPs.) -@tmprowell.
Formerly Feedalizumab, BadBlood, HopeAtTheScope, RadsForFood, HeartAttacksHunger, Amoxi-Chillin, BonAPPetit
NotThatKindofDoctor (Individuals with PhDs) – @JWTreem
GeneTeam (Genetics) – @SGreenbergGC
GeriPalGives (Geriatrics and Palliative care) – @AmyTrowbridge15
HungerSKINtervention (Dermatology) – @roxanadaneshju
IMGenerous (Primary Care & Internal Medicine) – @drsusan
Formerly GrittyHCW, TeamMilMedBattleBuddies, NYStateOfKind, HospitalistAF, WeAreFamily
Ketameals (Emergency Medicine) – @kevin_ro
KidVengers (Pediatrics and Pediatric subspecialties) – @DrJenChen4Kids
Formerly KidVengers, Lungs4Food
PEEPsAgainstHunger (Pulmonary critical care) – @gbosslet
PlentyOfMeatballsAndRigatoni (PMR) – @mefarrellii
PooMoGI (Gastroenterology) – @DrJSilverman
SnacksInTheBreakroom (Nursing) – @sy5temfire
Tanque Verde Pediatrics (TVP staff) – @Sandraherron
TeamHemlock (Toxicology) – @MHPoison1
UrineItToWinIt (Nephrology) – @JMTeakell
Isla of Misfit Toys – Not allocating to a specific team, but will be added to competition total